Band CD'er - UK

Big Creek Slim
”Bad Luck Child”
Straight Shooter Records 2017
In August Big Creek Slim won this year's DMA Blues for ”Good Mill Blues”, Greasy Chicken Sessions Vol. 1. Allready in November, Big Creek Slim will release "Bad Luck Child - Greasy Chicken Sessions Vol. 2” as the second part of the live recording at The Greasy Chicken in Vanloese, Copenhagen. Also last year's release “Keep My Belly Full” won the Danish Music Award as the best Danish Blues release. Buy "Bad Luck Child" at Imusic.

The Blues Overdrive
”Overdrive Live!”
Gateway Music 2017
The international award winning band has just released their third album ‘Overdrive Live!’ Recorded live at one of Denmarks biggest and most prestigious festivals Smukfest. The recording was mixed ‘live-to-tape’ and shows the band unfiltered and features nine songs from their comprehensive repertoire.

Troels Jensen & the Healers
feat. Miriam Mandipira
”My Love”
Storyville Records 2017
Troels Jensen is still heading for new horizons, even if his voice suggests he's seen it all. With The Healers, vocalist Miriam Mandipira, the Blue Horns and the Bells of Joy, he tells stories about life and love on the new album “My Love”. The album mix the best parts of the blues-, jazz- and soul tradition, and add the lively, modern sound and feeling a large orchestra can produce. Mandipira and Jensen have performed together in several constellations to the joy of the reviewers. Here they let the music play, as a well oiled machine, with both new music and standards.

Troels Jensen & Miriam Mandipira
”Careless Love”
Straight Shooter Records 2017
The duo Troels Jensen and Miriam Mandipira will release a new album this autumn. The two strong musical personalities know each other well from their performances with Delta Blues Band and the Healers, but a s a duo, their interpretations and sound gets a special rare, intense and intimate feeling. The album contains a number of blues and jazz songs, which highlights the perfect match between Miriam Mandipiras powerful voice and Troels Jensens raw blues voice and instrumentality on piano and guitar.

Nina Massara
”Watch Me”
CSP Records 2017
Denmark native Nina Massara returns to Copenhagan for the Copenhagen Blues Festival as a CSP Records artist. Her Danish/American heritage brings an interesting mix to her music, her distinctive vocals and her personal style. At 18, she took a major step toward her dream when she went to work in the legendary Mojo Blues Bar in Copenhagen – DJing and bartending. Recently, she returned to play for a packed Mojo. In 2016, she moved to New Orleans to advance her music career. Now she travels between Nashville and Denmark, wich allows her to bring her cherished Danish heritage to a worldwide stage in a much bigger way.

Jesper Theis
”Narrow Line”
Straight Shooter 2017
Narrow Line is Jespers debut album and it contains some of Jespers own songs as well as some songs written in cooperation with Peter Nande and finally a few traditional old blues songs. Jespers sings about people, about moving away from Denmark and trying a new way of life. The album has its roots in the delta blues style and part of the album combines the delta blues and other genres. The recordings took place in Tomi Leinos recording studio just outside Helsinki, Finland and is recorded onto a 16 track tape recorder. The musicians contributing on the album are: Peter Nande - harp and perc., Jaska Prepula - double bass, Mikko Peltola - drums, Tomi Leino - electric guitar and Jacob Munch - trombone. Peter Nande has also been the producer of this album.

Wave Blues Band
”Recorded Live”
self releas 2017
Wave Blues Band is from Copenhagen. The band was formed in 2012 and album debuted in 2014 with a live CD. Now Wave Blues Band has released another live-album, this time titled "Recorded Live". The recordings are from a concert in November 2016 in the Cultural House Pilegaarden in Copenhagen. The CD consists of a number of standard songs from the more jazzy and swinging part of the blues spectrum. Buy the CD at

The Pocket Players
”Throw your dog a bone”
LongLife Records 2016
"Throw your dog a bone” is the second album from The Pocket Players, a hard working quartet with Palle Hjorth on organ, Henrik and Soren Poulsen on bass and drums, and singer and guitarist Ole Bech, who takes care of most of the songwriting. The band’s CD debut was “Acid Blue Horizon” in 2013, and now the band is ready with 10 new blues rock songs about love, jealousy, alcohol, sex and lust for life, and also sharp comments on the present state of affairs in Denmark and the world. “Throw your dog a bone” nominated for “Danish Blues Album of the Year”, and wrote: “ the album is based partially on the psychedelic 1960’s blues rock, spiced up with surprising new elements, all of which work really well. The songs are varied and the lyrics are interesting and often quite funny, and the album has tje potential of a wide appeal as one of the best blues releases of the year".

Kenn Lending
”Kenn Lending in Concert”
Olufsen Records 2017
Kenn Lending and his beloved black Gibson Les Paul has explored the universe of African-American music for five decades, has released a new live album. The album documents a typical evening with Kenn Lending Blues Band, and nails their legacy as ”the hardest working band in Denmark”. wrote: “Kenn Lending in Concert” covers the whole spectrum, which should also be the purpose of an album like this. The CD is a snapshot of a well sounding band having found its groove, but first and foremost it’s an effective demonstration of Kenn Lending’s versatility, adventurousness and his intuitive blues feeling”.

Terji Messell
Straight Shooter Records 2017
"Útisetablús" - blues in faroese – nominated to the DMA Blues 2017. wrote: “…the latest release from the Faroese guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Terji Krossteig Messell, who sings in Faroese. Don't let that scare you away – the Faroe language is perfect for the blues. Terji has a good, expressive and recognizable, light vocal, and plays a semi acoustic, eclectic blues, with inspiration from Folk-blues and others, but served in his own unique blend. Terji has produced a characteristic and long lasting cd, with a warm and crystal clear sound. Recommended without reservations”. Musicians Christian Bundgaard, Peter Nande, Olav Poulsen, Big Creek Slim and Finnish Mikko Peltola.

Christian Bundgaard/Hans Knudsen
”Two generations”
CWEB Music 2016
The two piano players Hans Knudsen and Christian Bundgaard have picked up their common love for the New Orleans piano traditions and created the project “Two Generations”. It resulted in the DMA nominated live recording with the same title, recorded live at Charlie Scott’s in Copenhagen, with help on-stage from Johan Bylling Lang, sax, Henrik Silver, sousafon, Morten Ærø, drums, and Ronni Boysen, guitar. “The playing, singing and swinging, with an infectious humour, can only happen, when the musicality is a deeply rooted, as it is with these two gentlemen”. ”It's a real feel-good record – you can't help being carried away by the atmosphere”.

The Fried Okra Band
”Fried Okra - Fried Alive”
Flatland Records 2017
Fried Okra shall release a new live album recorded in Denmark in 2017. The material is original and focuses on the alternative version of the blues as Fried Okra has done for some years now on earlier releases and tours in Denmark and Europe. Not always considered blues by the blues audience and rarely considered rock by the rock audience, Fried Okra has been somewhere in between. The l songs on the live album are played by the band in the new format as a bass, drum and guitar-trio. Old and new, but still fried.

All My Exes
Banjotrash Records 2016
When a booker said to All My Exes, that they’re not a bluesband, the band went into a studio on Amager, and a weekend, a couple of cold beers and pickled eggs later, the band's third album was ready. “Blues” is raw blues, and mostly new songs, recorded as one-takes, with some of the finest Danish blues musicians as guests, Ronni Boysen, Peter Nande and Joachim Svensmark. The band is famous for trashy banjo playing, but this is a pure celebration of the blues, and a greeting to those who believe that All My Exes doesn’t play the blues. Buy this digital issue at Itunes.

H.P. Lange
”Travelling Man Blues”
Big Gumbo/Gateway 2016
H.P. Lange has always had the blues songs as his travelling companion. Being away from home and away from the loved ones is a theme on this album. Like allways, the music of .HP. Lange, is based on traditional acoustic countryblues. H.P. Lange plays acoustic guitar and National Steel throughout the album, supported by his regular band mates, JK Dam on drums and piano and Paul Junior on bass. Newcomer Niels Bonefass plays on fiddle and banjo, adding a kind of crossover between blues & mountain & Cajun music to some of the songs. Guest is Jarno Varsted on harmonica. 8 out of 11 songs is H.P. Lange’s own songs - 3 are traditionals.

Big Creek Slim
”Keep my Belly Full”
Straight Shooter 2016
On the new album from Big Creek Slim ”Keep my Belly Full”, he cements his position as one of thebest of the Danish blues names/ top names of the Danish blues environment. With his dark thundering voice Marc Rune – known as Big Creek Slim - puts himself between Muddy Waters’ deep, but warm vocal, and Howlin’ Wolf’s raspy voice. He plays the guitar himself with feeling and expression, fully backed by Nande on Harp, who also produced the CD, Paul Junior, bass, Jens Kristian Dam, drums, Nathan James, guitar, Troels Jensen, guitar and piano, plus guests among others guitarplayer Ronni Boysen and Miriam Mandipira on vocal.

Tim Lothar & Holger ’Hobo’ Daub
”Blues From the North”
Egen udgivelse maj -2016
Lothar & Daub is a Danish German musical partnership formed in 2012 during a concert in Hamburg. In 2013 they recorded 9 songs which now are being released on this CD. All the compositions are their own creations. The duo was invited to participate in International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January 2014, and they made it to the semifinal. You can buy the CD to their concerts or on

Jake Green Band
”Plugging In”
DME 2015
”Plugging in” is the first studio album from Jake Green Band, and a follow-up to the debut “Live @ Malmö Festival 2011”. The 12 songs on the CD pulls out the best of rock and blues in an efficient blues-rock genre. It is served convincing from a clear power trio with Jake (Jakob) Green on guitar and vocal, Jens Simonsen on bass, Hans Rosenberg on drums, and guest Lasse Storgaard on organ. Jake Green seem to be inspired of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Healey and Gary More, and the band plays a riff based solid blues rock with the rhythm section up front - just like the sound from earlier years best blues rock.

Music Mecca 2015
Convergence means ”The act of moving toward union”. And that’s exactly what the band is doing on this record – rare, perfect music with strong solos. In front is the wonderful singer Miriam Mandipira from Zimbabwe. The trio consists of well known and experienced musicians; Kjeld Lauritsen on Hammond organ, Per Gade, guitar og Søren Frost, drums. The music is a mix of blues, soul and jazz, besides a couple of song from Africa. For a long time the trio has been a high-energetic feature in the jazz and blues environment; and with Miriam Mandipira in front Denmark has got a constellation on an international level. These days the band follows up the record with a number of concert around the country.

”dan gone west”
Eget selskab 2016
Paragraph8ight was founded in 1982 in Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen. A band of student,s where music quickly took over and put the studies on hold for a couple of years. Their boyhood dream was playing their own soul, blues, swing, rock songs; and that dream just came true after the release of the album 'dan gone west' - 10 songs recorded in Medley Studios in October 2015. The CD was released in Mai 2016 - as the band say themselves: “Music makes you happy!”. Now they look forward to go out there again and play, and to participate in Danish Blues Challenge 2016 in Silkeborg. The album is dedicated to the former bass player - Chris Gjerulff - who sadly passed away in the summer of 2015.

The Mojo Makers
”Devils Hands”
Hypertension 2014
Hypertension 2014 With their second album, “Devils Hands”, the Mojo Maker’s travels back in time to look for the authentic sound from the blues and gospel delta. The Lo-Fi recordings of the 60’s and 70’s, in combination with their own unorthodox approach to the genre, makes this fresh new album intriguing and titillating.

Thorbjørn Risager & the Black Tornado
”Songs From The Road”
RUF Records 2015
New live album on CD and DVD from Risager & the Black Tornado with no less than 18 songs recorded live at die Harmonie in Bonn, Germany. The band had release party at Amager Bio on the Grand Opening Night of Copenhagen Blues Festival 2015.

Mike Andersen
DME 2015
This is Mike Andersen’s first live album. After more than 1000 concerts and 5 studio albums it was time to release a live album from one of the most active live artists in the country! Mike Andersen has delivered a string of well produced studio recordings, and his most recent issue, ”Home”, won a DMA Blues for “Best Blues Album 2015”. ”Live” was recorded on his ”Home tour during 2014 and contains 8 songs from Mike’s back catalogue, plus two covers and a brand new bonus track, ”New Drug”. There’s a new studio album on it’s way, to be released at Mike’s concert at Amager Bio in October.

The Cornfeds
”The Cornfeds”
Gateway Music 2016
Inspired by the bluesmusic of the 30's and 40's and mixed with their own pale scandinavian background, The Cornfeds has recorded a dozen original songs and put them all on their debut album alongside a few of the old classics from way back when. "With their debut album, The Cornfeds shows themselves to be an exciting and competent new name on the danish bluesscene. We can only hope for more albums of this caliber." - Jakob Wandam,

Big Creek Slim
“Hope For My Soul”
Straight Shooter Records 2015
Straight Shooter Records 2015 Big Creek Slim leverer rå og nærværende Chicago og Mississippi Blues.
Med sin autentiske blues feeling og store stemme, tager han os med tilbage i blues historien.

“The Disobedient Victim”
DH Music 2015
HYLD skaber ny musik i krydsfeltet mellem soul, funk, jazz og blues. Bag bandet HYLD står fire erfarne musikalske kræfter; pianisten Otto Sidenius, bassisten Jon Bruland, trommeslageren Carsten Milner og sangerinden Dorte Hyldstrup. Kærligheden til den håndspillede analoge lyd, det fede groove og den udtryksfulde vokal skinner tydeligt igennem på gruppens første udgivelse. “Dorte Hyldstrup leverer en solid vokalpræstation i spidsen for gruppen, der med en legende tilgang svinger fint gennem genrerne…….” Fyens Stiftstidende. “Rødderne til trods er Hyld bestemt ikke fortidsmusik. Sange som 'Real Virtuality', 'The Promise' og 'Let Your Soul Guide You' besidder nemlig den ubekymrede og iørefaldende kvalitet, der gør musikken tidløs….”BT

Mama's Blues Joint
MAMAs Records 2014
Den soulfulde sangerinde/komponist Lene Strøyer, "Årets Danske Blues Navn 2010”, har skrevet 11 nye sange. "Changes" er den 3. CD fra Mamas’ Blues Joint, igen med det varierede repertoire og den unikke sound, som har kendetegnet Mama's Blues Joint's musik i alle årene, og som netop er bandets styrke. “There is an emotional groove and seamless thread to this release showing the band keep improving their music styles from previous releases. The mix of songs expose differing musical genres encompassing soul reggae fused funk and even country tones. Every track has something new on it making this a very easy listening but heartfelt approach and what a gifted band. The lead singer really can belt it out yet bring tone down when needed.”…“A groove driven powerful release.”

The Blues Overdrive
Gateway Music 2015
"Clinch!" er den spændende opfølger på den internationalt prisvindende debut fra 2012. Helt ekstraordinært deltager guitar-esset Joel Paterson og legenden Duke Robillard (som har været guitarist for Tom Waits, Bob Dylan og Fabulous Thunderbirds). Allerede nu har ’Clinch! modtaget flotte anmeldelser i ind og udland og udvalgt som ”Album of the Week” på australske BluesBeat Radio samt hos The Blues Show med årets britiske bluesvært Gary Grainger.

The Fried Okra Band
"Back Into the River"
Target Records 2015
Fried Okra Band er tilbage med deres 4. udgivelse, "Back Into the River", indspillet live i et lille baggårdsstudie i Valby. Med få instrumenter og et minimum af overdubs viser albummet den Københavnske undergrundstrio fra dets mest rockede og poetiske side.Albummet er udgivet på CD, LP, DD samt stream og kan bl.a. købes på og iTunes. “Jeg kjenner jeg blir ordentlig glad når jeg finner plater som dette. Referanser til andre artister er irrelevant, der det tidlig blir klart at denne kompromissløse samlingen låter er i en klasse for seg” “Fried Okra Band passer godt i selskab med den nutidige blueskanon, der også tæller Jack White og Gary Clark Jr.” Gaffa. “Der er smæk for skillingen med FOB, hvis lyd har tyngde som et tonstungt lastvognstog fra sydstaterne”. Fyns. ”De har fundet deres egen lyd”. Blues in Germany

Mojo Makers
”Devils Hands”
Hypertension 2014
Mojo Makers tager med deres anden udgivelse ”Devils Hands” et spadestik dybere ned i blues, soul og gospel materialet. Lyden er mere Lo-Fi og skramlet med referencer til de gamle Mississippi blues mestre. Teksterne fortolker gospel temaet på en ny frisk og uventet måde som klæder genren de tager udgangspunkt i. Sanger og sangskriver Kasper Osman fortæller: ”Nu mere end nogensinde har vi brug for blues/gospel temaet i vores liv. I en kompleks verden som i dag med stadig flere ting at tage stilling til, hjælper bluesen og gospel os til at finde jordforbindelsen og se de vigtige ting her i livet”.

L Wood Joy
Eget selskab 2015
"Gumbo" er trioens andet album, og indeholder 11 originale numre med inspiration hentet fra New Orleans. Boogie-woogie, funk, swing og svedige second-line grooves blandet sammen, krydret med svedige blæserarrangementer samt Lasse Skovs sjælfulde vokal og fantastiske klaverspil.

Kjeld Lauritsen
"Learning to Smile"
Music Mecca 2015
"Learning to Smile" er det seneste udspil fra den produktive trio, nu ude på både CD og LP. 12 funky jazz og blues numre med Kjeld Lauritsen på hammond orgel, Per Gade på guitar og Søren Frost på trommer. Coming soon: ny CD med Miriam Mandipira og trioen. Bandet spiller live både med og uden solist. Kontakt 20 497405 eller

Thorbjørn Risager & the Black Tornado
"Songs From The Road"
RUF Records 2015
Nyt live dobbelt album på CD og DVD fra Risager og Tornadoen
med ikke mindre end 18 numre optaget live i Harmonie i Bonn.
CD-release party i Amager Bio ved åbningen af Copenhagen Blues Festival 2015.

Hans Knudsen
"Run me Down"
Gladsaxe Jazzklub 2015
I april 2015 inviterede Gladsaxe Jazzklub Hans Knudsen til at lave en koncert, hvor han fik lov at 'spille på alle tangenter' og præsentere sin musik, både solo, med sit faste band, Hans Knudsen Jumpband, og med de musikalske venner, Ole 'Fessor' Lindgreen, Troels Jensen, Kira Martini og Ole Skipper. Denne live-CD med 18 numre fra koncerten blev til en "gumbo af blues, jazz og roots", som viser Hans i sine alsidige roller som kapelmester, komponist, pianist og sanger, som sidste år udløste prisen "Årets Danske Bluesnavn".

SecondHand Blues Band
"SecondHand's Second"
Bertadisc 2014
The Fall is the time for blues, and one Saturday in nov. ‘13 the band met with Morten Shreyer at the brilliant Strand Studio to record "SecondHand's Second". What you get is what you hear: Soul & Sax, Van Morrison, James Brown from this outstanding thythm'n'blues class act, still going strong since 1978. The band is Ole Himmelstrup & Birger Larsen on saxes, Klaus Nielsen on bass, Kim Hagemann, percussion, Peter Michael, keyboards, Bo Bistrup on guitar, and Lars Berthelsenvocals.

Mike Andersen
Nordic Music 2014
Mike Andersen's fifth album, "Home" was recorded in the intimate environment of Mike's house, hence the title. The songs include sensitive and attentive ballads as well as vivid blues-rockers, that add new sides of Mike's songwriting and the band's repertoire. The album was released September 1, 2014, and is availbale on CD, vinyl and digitally. The band is touring the country in support of the new release all through the Fall.

Frank Lauridsen
”How It Feels To Be Frank”
Giant Sheep Music 2014
After a long absence from the spotlight, the legendary Danish singer Frank Lauridsen (ex lead singer in the band ‘Midnight Sun’) released his first-ever solo album "How It Feels To Be Frank". And what an album. One moment you find yourself collapsed on the floor, hit by Frank Lauridsen’s vitality - the next moment you are wrapped in a warm blanket of fervor. Without effort, Frank convincingly moves about in the genres of blues, rhythm & blues, and soul, seasoned with a bit of funk and a twist of country. Frank and the band are looking forward to playing the new songs at this year's Copenhagen Blues Festival.

Martin Blom
”Crossing The Water"
With his new album "Crossing The Water" Martin Blom unites heart, songwriting and acoustic guitars and a new angle on his music. Lyrics about the real world along with a singing slide guitar - a meeting between roots, blues, nordic skies and new songs. "Crossing The Water" are new songs from Martin Blom, and alongside his solo project he is a guitarist and singer in the bluesband Trouble Cats, guitarist in other contexts - and a writer in the music world.

Thorbjørn Risager & the Black Tornado
"Too Many Roads"
RUF Records 2014
Thorbjoern Risager & The Black Tornado has released their 8th album, "Too Many Roads" on the international acclaimed blues label Ruf Records.
”Thorbjoern Risager and his band are a class act. Risager himself is blessed with a distinctive gravelly voice and the horn section is a match for the best in the business. All of which is as good a reason as any to buy this very impressive album and continue the process of putting Denmark and Thorbjoern Risager well and truly on the blues map." - Blues Revue/Blues Music Magazine (US)

All My Exes
"From the Hen House"
Heptown Records 2014
"From the Hen House", the second album from All My Exes is just about to be released. The album is written by the front man in the band Steffen Christensen and recorded as well as produced by the band itself. The creation of this new album has taken place in the band’s own studio, an old rebuild bunker on Amager. "From the Hen House" delivers a broad musical palette ranging from gloomy roots music to perky country blues. Once again Ronni Boysen and J-tex contribute as guest musicians.

Sahra da Silva & the Jagged Soul
WoodRat Music 2014
New album from Sahra da Silva & the Jagged Soul! Following up on last year's summer single, "Yours To Keep", Sahra da Silva & the Jagged Soul’s new album, "Oh, Love", is lovingly embracing the retro sound of R&B and soul music from he good old 60-70'ies. The band delivers tight grooves, exiting arrangements and strong songwriting about the ups and downs in love and relationships, and dig deep into the core of 'Scandinavian Soul and Blues'.

Tuesday Night Brass Band
"Live at the Village"
Gateway Music 2014
Every 2nd Tuesday every month, Tuesday Night Brass Band hosts a New Orleans Brass Band event, that quickly has become the talk of town, filling up every inch of the legendary Mojo Blues Bar. Now the bands' first album "Live at the Village" is released.

Jazz Five
"Belleville Street"
Gateway Music 2014
An old dream became reality in January 2014, when Jazz Five travelled to New Orleans to record their 5th album, called "Belleville Street". The album is a true mixture of the bohemian sound of Mardi Gras music, street brass band, an intimate jazz club and Sunday gospel in the church, united in Jazz Five’s style, in cooperation with Michael Watson,vokal og trombone, trb, Derwin “Big D” Perkins, guitar, Topsy Chapman and John Boutte, chorus.

Mojo Hands
”Voodoo You Love”
Mojohands 2014
On the new cd ”Voodoo You Love” the nearly 20years old band ”Mojo Hands”, has explored new musical paths, even though the band still is characterized by its solid rythm and powerful expression. Not least, the addition of Zenia Levring (vocals) as a new member of the band renewed the musical expression. "Voodoo You Love" contains both original compositions and interpretations of songs, which moves in the borderland between traditional blues and rock'n'roll and at times the quirky. The CD is the 4th release from Mojo Hands.

Blues Jamboree Live - Vol 1 & 2
”Ride Train Ride" & "Grab a Root an' Growl"
Straight Shooter 2014
Blues Jamboree - Live Vol. 1. + 2 is a star parade with some of the best musicians on the Danish folk-blues scene, Paul Banks, Troels Jensen, H.P. Lange, Tim Lothar, Rune Myhren, Peter Nande, Svante Sjöblom, Olav Poulsen, Mik Schack, David Larsson, Hugo Rasmussen.
"Blues Jamboree is tight and loose at the same time, felivered at the highest and and most intense level."

The Fried Okra Band
"Okra 4"
Flatland Records 2014
With the new single from Fried Okra Bands, "What's Wrong", you get a taste of the band's new album, "Okra 4". The band spent most of their Summer in Noah Rosanes' Best Kept Secret Studio. Blues Blast Magazine wrote this about the band's third CD, "There's a World outside my Door" fra 2013: "This CD is a keeper, and if they maintain this momentum their fourth release should be astounding!"

Kjeld Lauritsen &Sigurdur Flosason
Storyville 2014
Tired of the worn-out pianos and loud bands in blues Kjeld Lauritsen began a career as a Hammond Player some 20 years ago. His organ-jazz has been so much in demand that he has hardly played a piano-gig since then! Joining him at the Copenhagen Blues Festival is saxophonist Sigurdur Flosason. For many years he has had his own blues-inspired organ jazz combo in Iceland. He was voted jazz musician of the year 2013 in Iceland. The two musicians recorded the album "Nightfall" two years ago with guitarist Jacob Fischer and drummer Kristian Leth, with mellow moods and blues inspired jazz. The band plays at La Fontaine jazzclub saturday during the blues festival.

Franck White - Christian Franck - Jan Harbeck
"White Alive"
White 2014
The long running duo Franck White og Christian Frank invited sax player Jan Harbeck to play a concert with them at the winter jazz festival. The gig was recorded, and the result, the CD "Franck Alive", is released during this year's Copenhagen Blues Festival at The Metronome.

Delta Blues Band
Longlife Records 2013
After 5 years on the road since their latest CD, "Checkin In", Delta Blues Band releases their new CD, "Stonewashed" in celebration of their 45 years anniversary (1968 - 2013). The five seasoned veterans in the oldest blues band in Scandinavia are looking forward to presenting the new songs at this year's Copenhagen Blues Festival. The CD was recorded live at Winding Road Recording Studios with no overdubs.

The Deepers
”Deeper Than Yesterday”
Release Records 2013
After last year's highly acclaimed debut album of 20's and 30's blues-classics,"'First Hand Experience", the Copenhagen based blues'n'roots band The Deepers now take it a step further. In the spring of 2012, The Deepers decided to go ahead and create their own material from scratch, which resulted in this new CD with 12 songs with their own original blues'n'roots music for the modern world. "We have again and again been confirmed that The Deepers has great potential, a unique sound - and now also a collection of original compositions, that brings together tradition and innovation in a very personal universe, we are looking forward to getting out there and play for you"

The Fried Okra Band
”There´s a World Outside my Door”
Flatland Records 2013
"There´s a World Outside my Door" is The Fried Okra Band's 3rd CD with the band's special brand of bluesy and rootsy music, that the guys themselves call "Northern Flat Land Grooves". The 12 songs aon the album presents the band in different configurations - as a bass-less trio, and as a new quartet with a bass horn, a sousaphone. The traditional blues instrumentation is further augmented with diddley bow, mandolin, banjo and more.

Thorbjørn Risager
”Between Rock & Some Hard Blues”
Cope Records 2013
Thorbjoern Risager celebrates his & his band's 10 years anniversary with a digital release with selected songs from their previous 6 releases. The compilation contains 30 originals plus bonus including their excellent arrangement of Baby Please Don’t Go. From their debut CD, recorded live in a small Copenhagen club in 2004, to their 6th CD ”Dust & Scratches” which got German rock magazines raving about ”A real electroshock for the collapsed twelve-bar-format”, the band has been reaching further and further, both geographically and genrewise, without compromising their artistic profile. Their heart is still buried deep within the blues, but their music is so dynamic and rich, with influences from many genres - but miraculously enough they still manage to fuse all this into a solid and unique style which some critics have called ”The Risager Sound”

All My Exes
”From Nashville to El Paso”
Gateway Music 2013
All My Exes is a new folk-blues project with several seasoned musicians from the Danish blues and folk scene. The band recently released their new album, “From Nashville to El Paso” with a whole range of mucky numbers written by singer/guitarplayer Steffen Christensen, former musician in the roots band Bobadavdaw. The album is recorded and produced by the band themselves in their own studio, a bunker from the Second World War, where the band have spent most of the previous year creating a unique sound. The band is composed of guitarist and backing vocalist Mikkel M. Christensen, drummer Lars Andersen, bass player Mads Bay, and lead singer Steffen Christensen also playing banjo and dobro guitar. Additionally, musicians such as Ronni Boysen, J-tex and Peter Nande perform on the album.

Kjeld Lauritsen
”In the Zone”
Music Mecca 2013
Tired of the worn-out pianos and loud bands in blues Kjeld Lauritsen began a career as a Hammond Player some 20 years ago. His organ-jazz has been so much in demand that he hardly has played a piano-gig since then! He now leads a trio that plays Funky Jazz with inspirations from the blues world and beyond. New CD/LP ”In the Zone” out now with guitar player Per Gade and drummer Søren Frost. Vocalist Almaz Yebio sits in on a few tunes.

”Win or Lose”
BlueShot 2013
Blueshot is back with their 4th album, ”Win or lose”, containing 11 songs inspired by the rockin' and rollin' blues from the South. Most of the songs are written by singer and guitarist Torben Pape, and with his bandmates Soren Ahlgreen, drums and Lars Danielsen, bass, the trio delivers their raw sounding, original and energetic slide guitar driven blues, so appreciated by blues/rock audiences in Denmark as well as in the US. The previous album, ”Slip'n Slide”, has been played by radiostations in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Canada, Australia and US. Over the years thBluesShot has played support for international wellknown acts such as Gary Moore, Poppa Chubby and Steven Segal.

Calibrated 2012
Party, power, energy and feel-good atmosphere are keywords when Wonderbrazz is playing their unique mix of jazz, soul, boogaloo and New Orleans 2nd line. If you dig Tower of Power, James Brown, The Meters and Dr. John you will also like Wonderbrazz. It’s like being hit by a freight train at high speed, to hear the 3 horns, drums, perc.and organ in concert. Whether you are 4 or 80, from Hamburg or Paris, it’s a must go! And don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Smalltown Blues Band
”Living the Blues”
Smalltown 2012
“Living the Blues” is Smalltown Blues Band's 4th release containing a series quite new original songs composed by Roenholt and Kragh - and a few songs from the archive. For more than 30 years the band has been known and loved for their traditional 12 bar blues, their sensitive ballads, spiced by some country and second-line rhythms. Nobody gets cheated of that here either, but in addition you get a very well produced and instrumentally experimental blues album. Specials guests: Kjeld Laurritsen - Hammond organ, Peter Klitgaard - talkingbox guitar.

The Blues Overdrive
"The Blues Overdrive"
Gateway Music 2012
Award-winning debut album released in 2012. Includes a tribute to the late Godfather of Danish blues, Peter Thorup. And a bit of a scoop, 'Got Myself a Woman', a previously unreleased song by recently deceased American cult-icon JJ Cale. Reviewers from all over the world have been singing the praises. All of which can be read on the band's website. As the icing on the cake the album was named "Best debut album' in the respected German music magazine Wasser Prawda.

Tim Lothar
Lohtar 2012
"Stories" is Tim Lothar’s third solo release, recorded and produced at Indeed studios in Aarhus, where even Lothar’s two previous CDs saw the light of day. Since the 2008 release of “In It for the Ride” Lothar has toured most of Europe, and the experience from life on the road shines through on the new songs. "Stories" shows Lothar as a matured guitarist and singer-songwriter, sharing his opinions and impressions through his music.Traveler’s expected release is september 2012.

Mojo Makers
”Wait till the morning”
MM 2012
BluesNews writes about Mojo Makers new CD "Wait till the morning": The album shows Mojo Makers as a well playing band with a great sound. Kasper Osmans vocal is soulful and not unlike young blues-rock people like Johnny Lang, Doyle Bramhall Jr. and John Mayer. "Mojo Makers with Kasper Osman at the front is Roots´n blues the best way. Juicy, odd, trashy and swinging. Great sound". Said by Peter Skjerning - guitar player with Thorbjorn Risager. The album can be bought at I Tunes, Spotify and TDC.

Kent Thomsen & De Dyre Drenge
”Så’n er dét”
LongLife Records 2012
Finally here, the long awaited debut CD from Kent Thomsen & De Dyre Drenges, formerly known as The Rich Ones. Blues in Danish, with a background in the classic Chicago style. Nobody treats his strings like Kent Thomsen, he has his own tone, his own touch, and every stroke makes the guitar quiver and vibrate – blue and raw. The same can be said about his voice; Ingenious, coarse, colourful humour from West Jutland, thunder voice, he sings as and about himself. Telling stories with the charm of “One of the boys”, a country musicians directness and a blues musicians pain - “That’s how it is”.

Live Bleeding Fingers
”Peaceful Man”
Gateway Music 2012
Live Bleeding Fingers has just released their second album "Peaceful Man". The album consists of self-written songs and an interpretation of the classic tune 'High Heel Sneakers. "On the album the band has consciously chosen to work with people with musical references different to their own. To the guys in the band it's clear, that collaboration with Neill C. Furio (Marie Frank, Boat Mon Love), Dennis Ahlgren (Tina Dickow, Vincent Van Go Go) and Ash Bode (Hymns From Niniveh e.a.) has resulted in an album collection of songs, still rooted in the band's background, but also pointing to the future sound of roots and blues music.

Jake Green Band
”Live @ Malmo festival 2011”
Jake Green 2011
With 6 powerful original songs, blues-rock trio Jake Green Band announce their arrival on the scene with a bang. Consisting of frontman Jake Green, bass player Thomas Birck, and drummer Hans Rosenberg, you sense both a dedication to the genre, and a playful, unorthodox approach to breaking the boundaries with heavy rocking riffs and soulful, longing ballads. All delivered by a rock solid band and one of the most powerful voices on the Danish blues scene.

Mike Andersen
"Mike Andersen"
Nordic Music Society / VME 2012
This is Mike Andersen's fourth album release since his 2002 debut "My Love For The Blues". After 10 years in the game he has established a permanent place on the blues scene at home and abroad. With new interpretations of blues- and soul music, and the courage of his musical convictions, he shows where the Blues could be headingin in a modern and updated form.

Thorbjørn Risager
”Dust & Scratches"
Cope Records 2012
Thorbjørn Risagers 6th album adds another milestone to an already impressive career. Like the previous CD "Track Record", also "Dust & Scratches" is produced by Lars Skjaerbak, and the band sound has been taken a step further into a raw and rocky direction. But Risager's compositions are still a broad mix of blues, rock, soul, jazz and funk, now more than before, more focused on the two guitars. Gaffa wrote: "There’s a furious and raw touch to Dust & Scratches. Something manly. Something no-bullshit-like". Blues Revue wrote: "Risager and his band is a class act".

Jes Holtsø & Morten Wittrock Band
"Big Easy"
Crawfish Music 2012
New release from Jes Holtsø and the Morten Wittrock Band with 10 solid blues, R'n'B and soul songs, music and lyrics written by Morten Wittrock and Ray Weaver. A musical journey through life's blind alleys of loss and powerlessness all the while searching for the love that is out there...somewhere. Jes Holtsoe's life has gone from the very top to the very bottom. From child fame in Denmark's Olsen Gang films to drug addict, but he is back on top again, stronger than ever. Big Easy was produced by Wittrock and mixed in Nashville, Tennessee by Wittrock and the Grammy Award winning American producer, Matt Andrews. Big Easy is a rare Danish example of gritty, honest and authentic blues at its very best.

Kenn Lending Blues Band
”Flying High”
Olufsen Records 2012
30 years after the first LP "Live at Vognporten" Kenn Lending releases his 10th band album. The band is in its 32nd year, but "Flying High" is fresh and dedicated – no predictable routine. Naturally, it was recorded live in the studio – like blues should be. The 11 songs are a mixture of songs by the great blues masters, gospel, and a number of Kenn’s own songs, all of them revolving around his life. BluesNews: "…great to hear that Kenn & co. hasn’t lost their touch - "Flying High" is an excellent new chapter in the story of Kenn Lending Blues Band. We’ll be happy to take another 30 years with this band!"

"Out to Dry"
Gateway Music 2011
Classic Americana in singer/songwriter tradition with a touch of blues and country – original music for adults as John Hiatt og Lucinda Williams. Cottonhouse's classic combo deliver a full-bodied, relaxed, blues inspired sound, with authority, creativity and a twinkle in the eye. Frontman and song writer Kristian Boll is backed with musicians with million sales in their portfolios: Gert Smedegaard, drums, known from among others C.V. Jørgensen, Kaspar Lindhardt, bas, has toured with Mona Larsen and Omar & the Howlers, Erling Kølner Jensen, guitar, who’s played with everybody on the Danish blues scene - among others the mega selling rockabilly/technoband Cartoons.

Hans Knudsen Jump Band og Troels Jensen
"Every Day We Have The Blues"
Little Beat Records 2011
Hans Knudsen celebrates 20 years with his faithful Jump Band (No changes in the band lineup !) with a tour de force through their large and varied repertoire, which the band and their audience loves – a sizzling New Orleans mixture of blues, gospel, funky soul and jazz. The CD 13 songs cover it all - from Sonny Rollins, via Percy Mayfield, Louis Jordan to Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry - and also songs by the CD’s guest star, Troels Jensen, who perform live on an on-off basis with the band. The result can’t be more - hot, raw and blue!

Kjeld Lauritsen
"Hammond Organ 7"
Music Mecca 2011
Hammond wizard Kjeld Lauritsen and his 7-piece band presents a wide spectre of blues, soul, jazz and other goodies. Per Gade on guitar and Kjeld Lauritsen on organ, play blues as well as anybody, and with Bob Rockwell and Hans Ulrik, sax'es, Peter Marott trumpet and Erling Kroner on trombone, the CD gets a very tight band feeling. A varied CD, with lots of swing, great tunes, and, not least, strong soloists. Sadly, this was Erling Kroners last tones on the trombone, as he dies shortly after the recording.

MC Hansen
Sentimental Music 2011
MC Hansen In December, MC Hansen releases his new album "3". The same ten songs on three different albums, recorded in three different countries, with three different bands, and released on 3 different CD’s! The first was recorded at Pleasantry Lane Studio in Dallas, Texas with Rip Rowan, Vanessa Peters, Milo Deering & Paul Averitt. The second was recorded in Denmark by M.C Hansen and his band Uffe Steen on guitar, Morten Brauner on bass and Jacob Chano on drums, with guests Nikolaj Busk and Aske Jacoby. The third is MC’s music, as heard by Nikolaj Busk. Who has rearranged the 10 songs for piano and voice.

"Comin' In!"
Gateway Music 2010
With the CD "Comin' In" Tutweiler has their debut with 11 original songs produced by West Coast Blues legend James Harman! Thomas Foldberg and Andreas Andersen on harp/vocal and vocal/guitar respectively, have composed and are supported by Thomas Birck on bass and Jørgen Dai on drums, with guest performances by Tim Lothar (drums), Bob Jackson (sax), Niels Oldin (sax), Thomas Crawfurd (perc.) and James Harman himself! The style is varied, but the American West Coast is never far away. When the recordings were finished in May, it came from the control room: "Congratulation guys. Not only did you make a record - you made an album!”

René Wulff
"Blue Rendezvous"
Gateway Music 2010
René Wulff has, over the years, worked with numerous bands and musicians on the Danish music scene, and his portfolio contain a large number of albums as a bandmember, session musician and composer, not least in C.V. Jørgensens ”Det Ganske Lille Band” (The very little band). The last 10 years, he has worked alone, with his own material in the blues-rock genre. As a vocalist, guitarist and harp player, he released the CD “Blue Rendezvous” in November 2010, where he allied himself with both American and Danish musicians. If there is one voice in this world that`s honest then it's your`s !” (Brian Laurie - ex The Intellectuals)

Delta Blues Band
”Checkin' In”
LongLife Records 2010
Delta Blues Band is 'checking in' with a new CD, which takes up the thread from the band’s old memorable records. Since their 40 years re-union at the Copenhagen Blues Festival in 2008, Delta has had a busy time with live-concerts and numerous requests for a new CD. The result is a set of blues inspired music, where Delta follows new roads with songs from the full team, incl. Knut Henriksen, who has his debut as lead-singer on one song. One of Denmark’s best blues acts through the years is back!

Mike Andersen Band
Custom Records/VME 2010
Only a couple of weeks after the release, Mike Andersen’s new CD, "Echoes", was appointed “Album of the week” by the Danish Radios channel 4. The written media have also spoken highly about the CD. “… the genre is kept lovingly and tenderly alive by a Danish interpreter of international standard… Mike Andersen has, as vocalist and guitarist, a great feeling of how to get into the core heart of the music” *****Politiken (Erik Jensen)

Peter Brander
"No Compromises"
Airborne Records 2010
At intervals, a new recording is released by Peter Brander, most commonly known as producer, sideman and backer of others recordings. Now he’s back, and has turned to his blues roots with “No Compromises”. It’s actually a double-CD, because it includes, as a bonus, a blues CD, recorded live in the studio. Peter has Hemmer, West and Menzer on the team.  

Tim Lothar & Peter Nande
"Two for the road"
Straight Shooter Records 2010
In 2008 Lothar and Nande teamed up as a duo, which led to this recording. With help from the producer and guest artist James Harman, the CD’s nine original songs show the duo’s talent for songwriting, instrumental abilities and their love for the Blues. A convincing debut, that more than hints what may come in the future.

Thorbjørn Risager
”Track Record"
Cope Records 2010
The fifth recording from Thorbjørn Risager is a thorough studio album, produced by Lars Skjærbæk, with the best sound from Risager to date. Blues is the basis of “Track Record”, but with the bands usual comprehensiveness and some exceptionally good songs. With charisma and an outstanding bluesy and soulful voice, Risager has what it takes, and the media are full of praise, incl., unusual for Danish blues, with great reviews in BluesRevue, BluesWax, BluesMatters amongst others.

The Young Comets
"It All Comes Back”
Blackout 2010
’It all Comes Back’ shows the bands feeling for American roots music. There are 2 new songs by harp-player and vocalist Jarno Varsted, the other eight songs being re-arranged traditionals. Several of the songs have been taught to Jacob Rathje by the legendary bluegrass fiddler Jed Greenberg. Self-confidence, feeling and energy is part of “the best roots-band in the country”, and from it, comes a beautiful, authentic sound of all-american blues and oldtime folk on an album, which says everything about the bands history: ’It All Comes Back’.

Kjeld Lauritsen
"Hammond Time"
MusicMecca 2010
They haven’t lived in vain: Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff - and Booker T. Jones. The challenge is willingly taken up by the Danish organ-player, Kjeld Lauritsen, who expertly manages the heritage. It’s Hammond jazz, at its best, but also very blues inspired. Kjeld Lauritsen and his two trusted companions, Per Gade on guitar and Anders Holm on drums, master the classic organ-trio-format, tight, effective and with joy.

Jes Holtsø & Morten Wittrock Band
"Jes Holtsø & Morten Wittrock Band"
Crawfish Music/Cope Records 2010
Jes found his second fame in DR's Talent 09 – previously it was as Borrge in the Danish comedy movies about Olsen Banden. He participated with some strong and personal blues songs, accompanied, on piano, by Morten Wittrock, and now Jes with Morten’s band, has released his debut CD as a vocalist. The 10 songs, written by Morten Wittrock and Ray Weaver is a strong mix of blues and groovy funk, delivered simple and un-polished. It’s personal and life-affirming stories about life’s ascents and descents, letdowns, luck, love and happiness – in short: THE BLUES.

H.P. Lange
Bang Forlag
The fourth CD from this experienced trio was recorded in the churches in Hasseris and Hals, where the trio has tried to capture the intense mood and sound of a church. It’s their first live-recording, and it contains both traditional songs and songs written specifically for this recording. There are both blues songs and spirituals – the music is often the same – only the lyrics are different. But common for blues and gospel is, you can’t lie – it can be heard!

Paul Banks feat. Jakob Dinesen
Stunt Records 2009
"Grace" is Paul Banks’ 11. album. The repertoire on this CD is a mixture of new Paul Banks songs and some of his favourite songs by other artists. Tenor saxophone player Jakob Dinesen is playing on all songs. Marie Fisker and Hanne Boel sing background vocals on four songs, and Paul’s son Peter plays harp on the title song.

The Blues Overdrive
BluesOverdrive 2009
The Blues Overdrive celebrated this summer by recording a summer EP with 3 original compositions. The songs vary from dirty blues rock to Swamp. With '[EP09]' the stage is set for the long awaited debut CD, to be released in early 2010. Until then, [EP09]' can be downloaded for free from the bands website.

Fried Okra Band
”Black Cherry”
Gateway Music 2009
The Fried Okra Band's second CD was recorded in the studio on 3 hot summer days. The music is a testimony to the love of swampy, trashy one chord blues from Mississippi’s Hill Country, but Black Cherry is the bands own songs, tested and fine tuned at Fried Okras concert. A single R.L. Burnside composition has found it's way to the CD, but the rest is Okra's own recipe of rock'n roll, lot's of boogie and raw, simple blues! A must for blues lovers!

Darville Duo
Darville 2009
"Perseverance" is a bluesy and melodic collection of original songs by Henrik Schwiecker and Jacques Darville. The album offers a collection of poetic and popular songs with elements from pop, rock and folk. But the bluesy feeling all the way through gives the duo and the recording a unique, original and characteristic sound.

BlueShot 2009
BlueShot celebrates their 10th anniversary releasing their third CD, "Slip’n’ Slide". Fronted by singer, guitarist and composer Torben Pape, the trio present a tour de force of Boogie, Swamp and Delta blues. The band covers a wide range, from pumping bluesrock to hearthwarming and sensitive delta slide-blues, inspired by Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter and Peter Green. Tha band has recently played support for Gary Moore, Popa Choppy and Steven Seagal, but has also got attention in the US with a number 1 song on the Blues Hit list - ”Sweet & Kind” from their debut, "In The Shades of Blues" from 2001.

Nisse Thorbjørn
”CPH Slim"
Cope Records 2009
At long last Nisse, aka "CPH Slim", has put his intense, raw Blind Lemon Jefferson and Howlin' Wolf style blues on CD. 10 songs, partly his own, partly Jo

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