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'The CD’s can be purchased at the Blues festival and at:
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  • The Copenhagen Blues Sessions Vol. 5
    'Blues from Denmark' 2010
    In connection with the 10 years anniversary the festival har released volume 5 in the series "The Copenhagen Blues Sessions". This time a double CD with a great presentation of music from 24 of the best seasoned as well as new blues artists in the country.
    See more about the original band releases under Band CD's

    Mama's Blues Joint: "Give Some" - Turnip Greens: "Simple Man" - Nisse Thorbjørn:"Goin' Down To Gainesville" - Rosewood Blues: "You Can't Get Enough" - Delta Blues Band: "Devil Ride" - Jes Holtsø & Morten Wittrock Band: "Crawfish Music" - Darville Duo: "Early In The Morning" - Thorbjørn Risager: "Rock N Roll Ride" - Paul Banks feat. Jakob Dinesen: "Indigo Night" - The Blues Overdrive: "I Was Wrong" - One-Eyed Mule: "Lullaby For Louie" - Jacob Fischer: "Banks" - Skipper Just Frost: "Dancefloor" - Lea Thorlann & The Spicy Gang: "Oh I Don't Know" - BlueShot: "The Phone" - Tim Lothar & Peter Nande: "Ain't too old" - Tutweiler: "Comin' In" - The Young Comets: "The Train That Carried My Girl From Town" - Kjeld Lauritsen: "Blågårds Blues" - Mike Andersen Band: "Restless To The Bone" - Jordans Drive: "Hey Fats" - H.P. Lange, Troels Jensen & Hugo Rasmussen: "Lies and Cheats" - The Fried Okra Band: "I Got This Record" - Peter Brander Band: "Freddie's Shuffle"
    The Copenhagen Blues Sessions Vol. 4
    'Blues from Denmark' 2008
    Copenhagen Blues Festival has released it’s forth CD in the series "The Copenhagen Blues Sessions". All participants have kindly made available a track from their own newest album. The result is a collection of 15 great blues songs covering all blues styles from soul to cajun, from delta and country and folk blues to electric Texas and Chicago blues. Thus creating a unique snapshot of Danish blues music at it’s best.

    Thorbjørn Risager: ’Here I am’ - Troels Jensen/Hugo Rasmussen/Jarno Varsted & HP Lange: ’St. Peter & the Rich Man’ - The Ramblers: ’Don't Ever Try’ - Tim Lothar: ’In It For The Ride’ - Bobadavdaw: ’Keep on Walkin' - Skipper Just Frost: ’Sådan ligger landet’ - Klaus B. Jensen: ’Don’t Talk To Me’ - Peter Nande: ’Slo' Poke’ - The Blue Junction: ’It's Up to You’ - Big Creek Huggy Bear: ’Let Me Be Something to You’ - Ladies Sings the Blue: ’Have You Tried it in the Bush’ - Kenn Lending: ’Ain’t But One Thing’ - N' City Blues: ’Corina’ - Live Bleeding Fingers: ’My Babe's Friend’ - Max Wolff: ’Your Doggone Daddy’
    The Copenhagen Blues Sessions Vol. 3
    'Blues from Denmark' 2006
    Copenhagen Blues Festival has released the third CD in the series "The Copenhagen Blues Sessions". The CD, with the subtitle "Blues From Denmark", was released in September 2006 at Amager Bio in connection with the opening ceremony for the annual blues festival.
    The artist on the CD were selected among some of the best and most talented bands and solo acts in the country, and they represent some of the prizewinning blues veterans as well as young, talented newcomers, who will undoubtedly influence the the Danish blues scene in the future.

    Lightnin’ Moe: ’This Is My time’ - Poorboy Poul: ’Scarecrow Blues’ - Fat Tuesday: ’Check It Out’ - Paul Banks: ’Electricity’ - The Fried Okra Band: ’In A Place Where I Can´t Be Called’ - Nisse Thorbjørn: ’Let's Go Out’ - Mezzy Slide & The Crew: ’Time To Go’ - Troels Jensen & Kenny Brown: ’Bluesman’ - One-eyed Mule: ’Long Gone Man’ - H. P. Lange & the Delta Coonection: ’Whiskey Take Me’ - Tim Lothar Petersen: ’Lil’ Miss K.’ - Peter Nande: ’King Of Bad Excuses’ - Mama’s Blues Joint: ’Missing You’ - MC Hansen: ’A Penny For Your Thoughts’ - Turnip Greens: ’Carry Me Down The Aisle’ - David Kampmann: ’Along The Nevski’
    The Copenhagen Blues Sessions Vol. 2
    'The Blues Bands' 2004
    All 16 bands - from seasoned veterans to young, talented newcomers - each donated an original song, some of which have previously been released on the bands’ own CD’s, while others are being released here for the first time.
    The CD was released at the opening of the Festival in September 2004, and was accepted as part of Danish Music Export’s MXP CD box set for the MIDEM music convention in 2005.

    Thorbjørn Risager Blue 7: ’Hold On’</td - The Blue Junction: ’Introduced To The Blues’ - The French Cabaret: ’Sweet Surrounding Cure’ - Troels Jensen & The Healers: Someone Shot The Blues - SP, Just&Frost: ’Shake That Ass’ - Peter Thorup/Thor Backhausen: ’Go’ Mandag’ - Mike Andersen Band/Al Agami: ’Same Damn Time’ - Dan Klarskov & The Honeydrippers: ’What Is Wrong With You’ - Wet Cat Blues Band: ’Mojo Blues’ - Kenn Lending Blues Band: ’Black Clouds’ - Smalltown: ’On And Off The Blues’ - MC Hansen Band: ’Freedom for Sale’ - Organizers: ’Space Cadets’ - Martin Olsens Blues Overdrive: ’Feelin’ Kind of Blue’ - Nande & The Big Difference: ’Don't Count Your Chickens’ - L.P.’s Blues Band: ’Stuck With The Blues’
    The Copenhagen Blues Sessions Vol. 1
    'The Solo Performers' 2002
    All 14 artists each donated one of their best songs for the project, and recorded their songs in a live-session at Bar’Blues.
    The CD was released at the opening of the Festival in October 2002, and it was accepted as part of MXP’s CD box set of Danish music for the MIDEM music convention in 2003, the first time Danish blues was exposed internationally in this manner.

    Paul Banks: ’Gods Perfect Miracle’ - Jørgen Lang & Paul Banks: ’12 Gates To The City’ - LP Simonsen: ’Life Without You’ - Jacob Rathje: ’Wild Bill Jones’ - HP Lange: ’Crossroads Blues’ - Troels Jensen & Jørgen Lang: ’Stick Around’ - Børge Biceps Jensen: ’That’s All Right’ - Kim Gutman: ’Dark Was The Night’ - Homesick Mac: ’Let’s You And I Have Some Fun’ - Hans Knudsen: ’Ain’t Nobodys Business If We Do’ - Nisse Thorbjørn Hornekær: ’Goin’ To Gainsville’ - Neil Stanford: ’CC Rider’ - Kenn Lending: ’Cold Winds Are Blowin’ - Esben Just: ’Sick And Tired’

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