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This Blues award was established by Copenhagen Blues Festival in 2002.

The award is given to a Danish blues musician in appreciation of his or her special musical
and artistic work and contributions to the Danish blues scene.
Seasoned veterans as well as young talents can be nominated for the award.

The award is sponsored by Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blues Bar,
and comes with a prize check of 10.000 Danish crowns.

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Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2017

The award "Danish Blues Artist of the Year 2017" goes to singer, guitarist, composer and band leader Jake Green.

The award committee’s motivation:

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2017

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2016

The award "Danish Blues Artist of the Year 2016" goes to singer and songwriter Miriam Mandipira.

Miriam Mandipira - a.k.a. ’Mumba’ - was born in Harare in Zimbabwe in 1977. She's the second of seven children, and grew up with church choirs and hymn singing, which became a place of refuge for her. Her joy of singing was backed by several of her teacher, and as a ten year old, she was admitted to the school choir, and was soon awarded several soloist parts. The young Miriam fell for Billie Holiday, having seen a TV documentary about her. This later lead to her interest in other great female vocalists, like Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn.

At home, the family was listening to amongst others South African musicians, like Mahlatini, The Mahotella Queens and soul performers like Otis Redding and Percy Sledge. They were of course also listening to traditional Zimbabwian music on the radio and in the local community. In her High School years, Miriam was absorbed in choir singing, but also played classical music on fiddle and viola. In 1995, when she was 18 years old, she was asked to join the band Luck Street Blues, and the next ten years, she made the foundation of her wide repertoire of jazz, blues, afro-jazz and soul.

She moved to South Africam and performed in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria with the band Strange Brew. She has been refered to as one of Zimbabwes best jazz/blues vocalist, and is mentioned in both her home country and in South Africa, as Southern Africas ’Queen of the blues’. In 2007, she recorded an album with Strange Brew, which was unfortunately never released. Later that year, she moved to Denmark and soon got in touch with the local blues scene, via Mojo Blues Bar, and the gospel- and jazzscene, where she has performed in many constellations, amongst others with Doc Houlind, Paul Harris, Klüvers Big Band and many others.

On the bluesscene she has performed in her own bands, and with Delta Blues Band at club and festival jobs, and on their CD ”Stone Washed” from 2013. In 2015 she toured with DRs Big Bands Christmas Show ‘Merry Christmas, Baby’ with Michael Carøe and Birgitte Soojin.

Since 2011, she has performed with her “The Danish Friends”. In 2014, they released the album ”Mandipira & Her Danish Friends Live”. Later that year, she released the live album ”Shades of Spring” with a handpicked band on the occation of Unesco International Jazz Day.

Her first studio CD, ”Convergence” from 2015 with Kjeld Lauritsen, Per Gade and Søren Frost, is a strong statement about musical quality, versatility, energy, nerve, and with this particular band, points to an inernational career for Miriam Mandipira.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for an important and strong effort as vocalist,
composer and performer. You master a broad spectre of genres,
and no matter if you sing beautiful ballads, swinging jazz or sweaty
funk and blues, you does it with confidence, insight, elegance and
infectious musical joy. Your great talent and high professional level
places you at the very top of the Danish jazz and blues scene.

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2016

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2015

The award "Danish Blues Artist of the Year 2015" goes to singer, guitarist Marc Rune, A.K.A.Big Creek Slim.

Marc Rune was born in Ikast, Denmark in 1983, where he at the age of 13 became fascinated with blues music, listening to albums at home, the radio and television, he taught himself to play the guitar, especially the music from the Mississippi delta, inspired by amongst others Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Lightning Hopkins. He explains: "Iit was like diving into a 'time warp', something that once had been, but appeared to be valid to this day".

After high school and military service, Mark did a couple of years in the army as private , but the interest for the blues was intact, and he worked the next 4 – 5 years on financing his big dream of travelling to the American south, in order to meet the music at its roots. In 2008 he was able to make the journey, travelling in the southern states for several months, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee, here he was greeted by the original blues music on its home turf, in small blues bars and Juke Joints.

This musical journey gave him a great insight into the blues music's social and cultural background. Listening to LP albums at home in Ikast and his experiences in the southern states, created the ballast and foundation for Big Creek Slim's ability to vividly express the blues music in his own manner, raw, authentic, empathic, the voice of the low - down blues.

In 2008 he produced/released a double CD “Tumbleweeds”, together with the piano legend Henry Gray, known from the Howlin' Wolf orchestra. He released his next CD “Nintynine and a half” in 1213, a solo project containing his own lyrics and music, in the traditional delta style, the same year 'Big Creek Slim & The Cockroaches' won the Danish Blues Challenge, continuing on to represent Denmark in the European Blues Challenge in Riga.

During this years festival you will be able experience to 'Big Creek Slim' in various constellations, where he will be playing songs from his new album “Hope For My Soul”, produced by Peter Nande, who also preforms on the recordings, together with (amongst others) Nathan James, (US), Troels Jensen and Paul Junior.

The CD, nominated for a DMA Blues 2015 is a strong statement about Big Creek Slim's relation to the blues - passion and intensity!

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your commitment to the the traditional blues music.
As a singer, guitarist and songwriter you have acquired a deep understanding
of the roots of blues music, and with a strong, expressive voice, straightforward
and authentic guitar playing, and an unmistakeable talent for writing good songs,
your music emits an empathy and feeling on par with the old Delta masters.
But you also builds a bridge between the old ideals and a contemporary expression,
which can be heard on your current album, “Hope for my Soul”.
A hope, that must include a bright future and career in Danish and International blues.

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2015

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2014

The 2014 "Danish Blues Artist of the Year" goes to the pianist Hans Knudsen.

Hans Knudsen was born in 1950 in Copenhagen. He is a trained biology teacher , though autodidact as a musician. Hans Knudsen started playing the banjo and guitar at the age of 16, but after his first concert experience, “The American Folk and Blues Festival” in Copenhagen in 1966, with performers like, Roosevelt Sykes and Little Brother Montgomery, he became strongly inspired to play on the family upright piano.

He started his career playing with traditional New Orleans jazz-bands, but his keen interest for the piano-based boogie woogie, blues, jump and rhythm'n'blues, and especially the New Orleans style played by Professor Longhair and Fats Domino, was coincidental in his change of instrument. In the late 1970's he joined the band Soren Sorensen Swing Cats, who backed the legendary blues shouter Roy Brown on his only visit to Denmark in 1978.

In the early 1980'es he met the New Orleans singer Lilian Boutté, and played in her band from 1983 to 1990. Together they toured the world, including New Orleans, where they performed at the annual Jazz & Heritage Festival in 1984 and -88, and in 1989 they warmed up for B.B. King in Amsterdam.

After many years as a sideman he formed his own band, “Hans Knudsen Jumpband” in 1990, taking the lead roll singing and playing piano. With Hans Leonardo Pedersen played sax, Jens Soelund on bass and Henrik Simonsen on drums, the band played a unique mix of blues, jazz and jump, that opened the doors to jazz clubs, venues and festivals all over the country.

Over the last years Hans Knudsen has played a vast number of solo-concerts, has been sitting in with many bands, and has also played on various studio recordings, like the funky band Zebrazz. Most recently he has formed a duo with last year's blues award winner, guitarist Ronni Boysen.

As an accomplished and competent pianist with a wide span in his playing style and much liked amongst his colleagues, Hans Knudsen's calender is constantly filled with invitations as a guest soloist or a side man in many blues and jazz constellations - a very active and popular blues musician indeed.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your long-standing efforts on the Danish and international blues scene.
As a pianist, singer and band leader you are a significant interpreter and promoter of boogie woogie, blues, jump, and jazz. Yoy are a sought-after side man and guest pianist, both live and in the studio, and your characteristic piano style is evident on many recordings, including a number of your own releases. With your great talent, total commitment to your music and your audience, you are an exemplary representative for Danish blues.
Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2014

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2013

The 2013 "Danish Blues Artist of the Year" goes to the guitarist Ronni Busack-Boysen.

Ronni Boysen was born in 1974 and grew up in Åbyhoj near Aarhus. He began playing guitar at the age of 15 and soon started his musical carrier in the local music environment, playing with a.o. the young harmonica player Nisse Thorbjørn, who received the same award in 2009.

Ronni listened to American blues music and was inspired by old masters like Robert Jr. Lockwood, Lonnie Johnson, Jimmy Rogers and Muddy Waters, as well as more recent artists like Watson and Duke Robillard.

Som autodidakt guitarist har han nu i over 20 år spillet bluesmusik og relaterede genrer med speciale i den elektriske post war blues og rhythm & blues. Årelang flittig øvning og et utal af sessions og koncerter har raffineret hans guitarspil, så han i dag står som en af de mest efterspurgte og respekterede europæiske bluesguitarister.

Når Mud Morganfield (ældste søn af Muddy Waters), spiller i Europa, er Ronni fast medlem af bandet, og de har sammen optrådt på et utal af festivaler og klubber i hele Europa, og for nylig også medvirket live i Jools Holland Show på BBC. Ronni er en efterspurgt 'side-man', og har også jævnligt spillet store festival-jobs med USA navne som James Harman, Lazy Lester, Gary Primich og RJ Mischo m.fl. Han har desuden medvirket på over en snes CD indspilninger med danske og udenlandske navne, bl.a. Peter Nandes ”California Sessions vol. 1 og 2”, (vol. 3 er på vej), som alle er indspillet i Californien med sanger/mundharpe stjernen James Harman som producer.

Af andre faste orkester-pladser kan nævnes Kokomo Kings (S), Jes Holtsø & Morten Wittrock Band, Franck White & the Groovers. Aktuelt har Ronni indledt et duo-samarbejde med jazz-blues pianisten Hans Knudsen, som han bl.a. optræder med på årets Copenhagen Blues Festival.

The award committee’s motivation:

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2013

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2012

The 2012 "Danish Blues Artist of the Year" goes to the blues singer Jes Holtsoe.

This year’s award recipient was born in 1956 and raised in a musical home, with a singing mother and blues and jazz on the record player. His first claim to fame was as a child actor in the Danish “Olsen Banden” movies and on TV in the series “The House at Christianshavn”.
After 13 years in the movie business, he disappeared from the screen, but then returned 20 years later in the talent show 'Talent 09' on Danish National TV, now as a blues and soul singer.

In the 20 years away from the spotlight, life on the edge was hard on him, but he managed to get back to life, very possibly by way of of accepting the fact that “Living the Blues” could be transformed into “Playing the Blues”, as he describes in his book `The world is waiting`. The idea, and the will power to carry it through, has certainly paid off, and has surprisingly quickly brought him to the forefront of the Danish blues scene.

He’s inspired by people like Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker and Delbert McClinton, whose great songs he put to the test on his frequent visits to the weekly blues jams at the city's premier blues club Mojo.
But it was only after taking part in `Talent 09`, where he met his now permanent musical partner Morten Wittrock, that things got Moving. Already in 2010 they released their debut CD in 2010 and got lots of good press, and lots of bookings in their band and duo calendars.

In the spring of 2012, Jes released his new CD, "Big Easy", once again with lyrics by Ray Weaver and music by Morten Wittrock, who also produced it, and went to Nashville to mixed it with producer Matt Andrews, who has worked with people like Sheryl Crow, Delbert McClinton, John Mellencamp, Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers and many others.

The ambitions were high, and the close Danish-American co-operation has lifted "Big Easy" to a level where blues music and audio doesn't get much better. With his personal background, his raw voice, and with a swinging and rocking blues band behind him, this is a true 'Bluesman'.

The award committee’s motivation:

Jes Holtsoe gets the price for his performance as a vocalist. He catches his audience
with personality, integrity, honesty, soul and charm, and not least an obvious vocal
talent and a rare, strong and intense voice.
He and his band gives a refreshing bid on how blues, soul and rock can be mixed into
a broad, contemporary and lasting musical expression.

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2012

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2011

The 2011 "Danish Blues Artist of the Year" goes to singer,guitarist and composer H.P. Lange.
H.P. Lange was born in 1963 and started his musical career early by singing in church choirs. At 16 he heard Matt Murphy and Sonny Boy Williamson and was immediately taken in by the acoustic blues, country blues, delta blues, ragtime and gospel guitar music.

From about 1988 he could write full-time professional musician on his business card, and with more than 100 club and church concerts a year around the country, in addition to clubs and festivals in Scandinavia, Europe and USA, he is one of the most industrious and dedicated musicians in his genre.

On a journey to the U.S. in 1994 he found new inspiration in Louisiana and Mississippi. He played several clubs in New Orleans and Memphis, and in Mississippi he met guitarist Kenny Brown, who introduced him to the special blues tradition in the hill area of northern Mississippi. Here met and played with the great blues legends Junior Kimbrough and RL Burnside, who influenced deeply on H.P.'s musical development.
Back home again in 1995 he recorded his first CD "Stop Breakin 'Down". Up till now he has released 8 CDs, two of which have won him the Danish Music Award (Grammy) for Best Blues / Roots release.

H.P. Lange is primarely known as a solo performer, but also plays duo with Troels Jensen: At times the duo doubles up with Hugo Rasmussen on bass and Jarno Varsted on harp. They have released 3 CDs, "Take Me Home" in 2002, "Along The Side Blues "2004," Change Some Time "in 2007. Their most recent release is a CD from 2010,"Saturday Night Sunday Morning", recorded at a series of church concerts.
In 2006 H.P. formed his trio "The Delta Connection" with Paul Junior on bass and Soren Poulsen on drums.

As a true 'Blues Man' H.P. Lange digs ever deeper into the blues tradition, in search of the simple, raw and unpolished expression, and today H.P. stands as one of the strongest and most authentic practitioners of the roots and blues music in this country.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your significant contribution to the acoustic
roots and delta blues music. The award committee has focused on
your great insight into the genre, the authenticity in your interpretations
of the old masters as well as your own production, and especially your
virtuos and distinctive finger-picking technique.

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2011

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2010

The 2010 "Danish Blues Artist of the Year" goes to the singer and composer Lene Stroyer.
Lene was born in 1964 and started singing at a serious level in her 20th year and soon joined her first bluesband, 'Diego Blues Band', playing at the local club scenes in and around Copenhagen.
Lene has kept the blues close to her heart ever since, but over the years she has explored other styles, for instance with the funk band 'Phoney' and with the jazz band 'Lene Stroyer Quartet', that opened the doors for her to major venues like the Montmartre.

In 1988 she went to the US to study music and composition at Dick Groove School of Music, which layed the foundation for her continued interest and talent for writing music.
Over the next decade Lene participated in several successful projects. In 1990 she joined the pop-funk-band 'Girls Girls', later known as 'New Girls', and from 1994 to 2009 she fronted the show-quartet Pistacie, playing music from the50'es and 60'es.
In 1994 she joined forces with blues-guitarist Peter Klitgaard to form 'Blues Train', and at the end of that trail, in 2002 Lene formed her present R'n'B, soul and blues infused 7 piece band, 'Mama's Blues Joint'.

With 'Mama's Blues Joint' Lene got her songwriting/composing career going for real. The debut CD “Mama's Blues Joint” from 2005 got worldwide airplay, and the song “Missing you” won awards at several international songwriter competitions. The song “Give Some” from the bands second CD from 2009, “Blues in Many Colors”, reached the final in the ISC competition in 2010 and was awarded an Honorable Mention.

Since 2001 Lene Stroyer also performs regularly with 'Ladies Sing the Blues', sharing the stage with Lea Thorlann and Ane Kramme Abildtoft in a unique combiniation ofstrong individual voices and styles of blues, R'n'B, Gospel and Jazz.
The band's debut CD from 2008 was nominated for a Danish Music Award in 2008.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your efforts as a singer and a composer.
You embrace a wide range of R'n'&B, soul and blues. and you convey
the many colours of the blues music with talent, elegance and soul.
You write and sing your songs with equal respect for the roots and taste
for renewal and innovation, and with your latest releases you have made
your mark as one of the country's most significant soul and blues singers.

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.


Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2010

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2009

This year’s award winner, Nisse Thorbjoern, was born in 1973 and started his musical career early, at first as a vocalist and later on extended with harmonica and guitar. In the musical circles in Aarhus, he played along with his good friend Ronni Busack-Boysen, who is also sitting in at Nisse’s award concert at MOJO.
In 1996 he moved to Copenhagen where he formed the band “Nisse and The Real Thing”. Some years later he performed with his new band “Hot Shot Love” at the Copenhagen Blues Festival 2002. The stile was pure Chicago Blues and Nisse revealed his big talent with some excellent harmonica play and a voice and an expression that calls for comparisons to Blind Lemon Jefferson and Howlin’ Wolf. In the same period he also founded his reputation as one of the best Delta inspired solo performers in the country.
In 2003 Nisse went on an educational journey to Chicago for three months, to collect new fuel for his musical development. He listened to the local blues stars at Southside’s famous blues clubs, and he jammed with among others Lurrie Bell, Billy Branch and John Primer, former lead guitarist with Muddy Waters. Nisse’s performance attracted much attention and received many words of praise, and as a bonus he harvested valuable experience.

As a solo performer Nisse had his CD debut in 2002 along with a range of the best solo performers of the country, on the live CD “The Copenhagen Blues Session, Vol 1”, recorded at Bar’Blues. His contribution was his own song, “Goin’ Down to Gainesville”. The song is included in a new version on his very own debut CD, “CPH Slim”, with legendary Peter Thorup singing duet with Nisse on the track.
Peter Thorup's comment after the recording: “Damn - I believe we have something really good going here”!
This recording, unfortunately, was to be Peter’s last one, but as one of the reviews reads: “An accolade from the master to his apprentice”.
The CD includes, besides Nisse’s own strong compositions, a handful of authentic, but also innovative, interpretations of old role models such as Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and Brownie McGhee. The press, like the audience, has long had an ear for Nisse’s qualities, but the release of the long awaited debut CD, has sharpened the interest further.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your significant contribution to the Chicago and Delta Blues.
With great musical talent you have evolved into a serious and original blues artist with
a strong personal vocal expression and a virtuoso harmonica playing.
The committee especially notes your ability to burn through in your “sure touch” interpretation
of classical blues as well as in your exploration of the genre as a composer.
Congratulations with the award, and good luck in your future career.

Congratulations and best wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.

www.cphslim.com www

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2009

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2008

Tim Lothar, born in 1968, started his musical career as a drummer, for the last 10 years playing all over Europe with the band ”Lightnin’ Moe”, now put on hold for an indefinite period of time.
A few years ago, after 25 years behind his drum kit, Tim Lothar began cultivating singing and playing acoustic guitar to explore classic American Delta Blues. With an indisputable talent and great musical insight Tim began a whole new career as a solo performer, and very quickly issued his debut-CD, ”Cut To The Bone” in 2006.
The CD received raving and enthusiastic reviews at home and abroad, for instance:

  • ”A guitar player with Blues in his blood”.
  • ”A new European blues act with class”
  • ”A CD to classify in your acoustic blues collection next to the big ones, very big ones”
The CD really boosted things, and since then Tim has reaped experience and inspiration from his intense touring all over Europe On his recent, second issue, ”In It For The Ride”, Tim still explores the Mississippi Blues, but also contributes with his own strong compositions and deep, personal interpretaions of the old blues classics.
Leading British magazine Blues Matters wrote this: ”Tim Lothar’s own songwriting is so good, you have to read the credits to discover whether a song is an original or yet another from Sleepy John Esters or Charley Patton”.
After some time on his own, Tim has again taken up collaboration with other musicians, and now also plays with duo or trio with last year’s award winner, Peter Nande, and Alain Apaloo. The most recent initiative is the forming of a whole new, international line-up with the two British top-acts, singers and guitarists Big Joe Louis and King David, Swedish Magnus Lanshammer, bass, and once again, Tim himself on drums.
The band plays their two very first gigs at the Copenhagen Blues Festival, Roedovre Centrum on the 25th, and Mojo on the 26th.
Tim Lothar is a versatile, talented, skilled and serious musician, who has come a long way already, but who will take his career even further in the future.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your significant effort for the Delta Blues.
The committee emphasizes your insight in the style, your musicality and versatile instrumental skills.
In a very short time you have excelled as a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter, and as a musician with an open mind for new challenges.
You stand out as an excellent and a worthy representative of Danish blues music, and we wish you the best of luck in your future career.

Congratulations and best Wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2008

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2007

Peter Nande, born 1968, began his musical career in the nineties, forming his first serious band, Nande & The Big Difference in 1998. In 2002 the band issued their self-titled debut CD, and ventured out on countless tours in Europe, also backing visiting american artists such as James Harman, Lazy Lester, R.J. Mischo, and not least harp-ace Gary Primich, www.garyprimich.com, who regrettably died just 24 hours ago, at age 49.
But in particular, the cooperation with legendary singer and harpist James Harman - www.jamesharman.com - made a deep impact in Peter’s musical life. In the finest blues tradition, the two of them developed a professional and personal relationship as mentor and pupil, but also as friends.
In 2005, Peter Nande decided, inspired by e.g. Harman, to pursue his dream to travel to the US to record his own stuff with some of the excellent American musicians, that he had met on the road in Europe.
The dream came true, and with a typical mind of his own and a complete catalogue of new songs, Peter and his regular guitar player, Ronni Busack-Boysen, went off to California in April 2006. James Harman, also an experienced producer, was waiting along with a carefully selected bunch of ready and willing American top musicians, for instance Harman’s own guitar player Nathan James, who hosted the recording sessions in his private living room.
The recordings eventually became the first CD in a series of three, entitled the ’California Sessions’. Issued later that year, the CD, ’Big Boy Boogie - California Sessions Vol.1’, received enthusiastic reviews at home and abroad, and was nominated for a Danish Grammy Award in 2007 in the category ‘Blues Album of the Year’.
Vol 2 in the series is already in the making, while Peter and his new outfit Peter Nande Band plays all the festivals and clubs that family-life and ’day-job’ as an engineer allows.
Just recently Peter Nande has joined forces with slide-guitarist and singer Tim Lothar to try out the demanding duo-format. Already very busy touring Denmark and Scandinavia, the duo also appears at this year’s edition of Copenhagen Blues Festival.
Peter Nande has a very positive and entertainmant-oriented approach to his music, not least his favourite California Blues. Besides his indisputable gift for songwriting and great skills as an instrumentalist, he also possesses an organizing talent, and kind of a devil-may-care attitude to go with it, that will take him and his music far.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your enthusiastic and enterprising effort for your style and your instrument.
The committee emphasizes your development as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, as well as the wide
scope of your musical endeavors, e.g. your touring and recording cooperation with
international artists. You carry on and sustain the classic styles of Westcoast and Chicago blues and at the
same time bring new spirit and new ingredients to the style, proving yourself as one of the most serious new
Danish blues talents today. Congratulations, and best of luck in your future career.
Congratulations and best Wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.

Blues Musician of the Year 2007

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2006

Singer, songwriter, guitar player and bandleader Paul Banks was awarded this year’s Copenhagen Blues Festival Award, ’Danish Blues Musician of the Year’.
Paul Banks was born in 1952 in Denver, Colorado. The family moved about a bit, finally ending up in Denmark in 1961. Here, Paul grew up in a musical environment around his stepfather, Jo Banks’ folk music club ’Purple Door’ in Copenhagen.
Already at 15 Paul toured with his father’s bluesband, but in 1972 he broke out to form his own band, Sideshow, with Bill Hazen, Michael Friis, Ken Gudmand, Thomas Puggaard and Nils Tuxen. Ever since Paul has worked the live-scene in different line-ups, one of the more spectacular being MusikOrkestret (the MusikOrchestra) with Jorgen Lang (harp), Martin Andersen (violin) and Michael Friis (bass), later replaced by Hugo Rasmussen. They issued 3 highly appraised LP’s.
After the band was dissolved in ’85, Paul formed a duo with tenor-sax player Steen Vig, who sadly died all too soon in ’95. Their collaboration can be heard on the LP ’Paul Banks & Steen Vig’ from 1987. For the last 10 years Paul Banks has played permanently with his friend and guitar colleague Aske Jacoby, in their duo as well as the almost bigband Love Bombs.
Paul Banks has appeared on countless recordings over the years, totaling more than a hundred LPs and CDs. Among others with Sebastian, Kim Larsen, Anne-Grethe, Monique, Alberte, Ole "Fessor" Lindgren, Tom McEwen & Jess Ingerslev, Jan Toftlund, Erik Clausen & Leif Sylvester, Pia Raug, Liller and Otto Brandenburg. ’Time Problem’, Pauls solo debut CD, came in 1998, followed in 2000 by ’White Noise And Diamond Nights’, giving him the Best Songwriter category in the Danish Music Awards - Folk. ’Bones And Love Bombs’ came in 2003, and in 2006 the live solo CD ’One Man Band Live’ won him the Danish Music Award for ’The Danish Blues Album of the Year’.
With great musical and artistic curiousity Paul constantly explores the borderregions between folk, blues, jazz, and rock. He has become the master of both the powerfull and the emotional instrumental and vocal expression, and today he stands out as one of the most skillful and technically accomplished folk-blues musicians in the country.

The award committee’s motivation:

You receive the award for your significant effort for the acustic folk and blues scene.
The committée emphasizes your ability to blend elements of blues, folk, jazz and gospel into a strong and personal style,
expressed with great musical and epic virtuosity, to the joy and inspiration for your audience and your music colleagues alike.
Congratulations, and best of luck further up the road.

Congratulations and best Wishes
Copenhagen Blues Festival, Amager Bio and Mojo Blue Bar.

Blues Musician of the Year 2006

Copenhagen Blues Festival’s Jubilee Award 2005

Guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandleader Kenn Lending , who celebrates his own 25 year’s jubilee with his band, Kenn Lending Blues Band, was awarded this year’s special award, ’Copenhagen Blues Festival’s Jubilee Award 2005’.
The American Folk Blues Festival in Copenhagen in 1968 lit the fire, and since then Kenn found himself utterly committed to The Blues.
Most of the tricks of the trade he got from his long cooperation and frindship with legendary Champion Jack Dupree. From 1978 untill Jack passed away in 1992 they played more than 1000 concerts together, and recorded more than 20 LP’s and CD’s. "Forever And Ever", recorded in New Orleans 1991, won them the WC Handy Award for 1992 ’Traditional Blues Album’.
Over the years Kenn Lending has played and recorded with other Blues Greats like Memphis Slim, Louisiana Red, Luther Allison, Aron Burton, Janice Harrington, Lillian Boutté, with legendary The Band, and with Kenn Lending Blues Band he has supported artist like Fats Domino and BB King.
To celebrate their 25 years anniversay, Kenn and his band issued their 9th CD, ”Still Payin’ Dues”, a tour de force thru the Afro-American music tradition, from Mississippi Blues to funky Urban Blues, New Orleans og Harlem rhythms and also the original African musical roots.
With his undisputed talent, musical ambition and deep understanding of the innermost soul of his music, Kenn has established a well-deserved international reputation as one of the most important and influential Dansih blues musicians ever.

Copenhagen Blues Festival’s Jubilee Award of the year 2005...


Copenhagen Blues Festival’s Jubile Award 2005

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2005

Singer, songwriter and guitar player Thorbjoern Risager was awarded this year’s Copenhagen Blues Festival Award, ’Danish Blues Musician of the Year’.
Thorbjoern first appeared on the local blues scene in the late nineteenninties, taking part in, and winning, several blues contests with people like Robben Ford and Charlie Musselwhite on the panel. Later on he formed the band ’Thorbjoern Risager Blue 7’, and he has established a name for himself as an accomplished guitarplayer and one of the most promising young bluessingers in Scandinavia.
His most obvious inspiration is the blues and R&B from the fifthies and sixties, and with a very powerfull voice, with some very convincing horn-arrangements and a strong New Orleans inspired rhythm section, he and his band stand out as one of the most professional and skillfull carriers of that musical tradition.
The debut-CD, ’Thorbjørn Risager: Blue 7 Live 2004’, primarely with original material, shows a band and a frontman with lots of talent, artistic ambition, professional skill and commitment, a lot of showmanship, and great promise for the future.

Blues Musician of the Year 2005...


Blues Musician of the Year 2005

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2004

Blues guitarist, singer and songwriter Peter Thorup was awarded this year’s Copenhagen Blues Festival Award, ’Danish Blues Musician of the Year’.
Throughout his long and distinguished career Peter Thorup has put his mark of excellence on the Danish blues scene as a guitarist, singer, composer, flutist and harpist, and even colleagues in other music stiles have benefitted from his talent and experience as a producer.
The committee especially valued his craftsmanship, his versatility and a highly personal expression, as well as his continuous search for new musical and lyrical challenges.
Thorup has been very active on the live-stage in a lifetime, and even if his previous cd-release lies 17 years back, his latest release with Thor Backhausen, ’Ku’ det taenkes’, is a promise of more to come, in a not so distant future.

Blues Musician of the Year 2004...

 Blues Musician of the Year 2004

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2003

Singer, songwriter and guitar player Mike Andersen was awarded this year’s Copenhagen Blues Festival Award: 'Danish Blues Musician of the Year'.
In 2000 he formed The Mike Andersen Band, and quickly conquered clubs and festivals all over Europe, and in 2002 recorded his successfull debut-cd, ’My Love For The Blues’. Deeply rooted in the blues tradition, but also with an innovative attitude, this excelent, young musician has already earned his place in the top of the European blues-elite, and Mike andersen has proven himself a great ambassador for the dynamic, vibrant Danish blues scene.

Blues Musician of the Year 2003...


Blues Musician of the Year 2003

Danish Blues Musician of the Year 2002

Guitar player, piano man, singer/songwriter Troels Jensen was the first to recieve the newly instigated Copenhagen Blues Festival Award: ’Danish Blues Musician of the Year'.
His trademark is an evident dedication to the blues, and throughout his career of almost 40 years, he has shared the stage with blues greats such as John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddely, Michael Bloomfield, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee, and for many years had a productive teamwork with guitarist Billy Cross in Delta Cross Band. Always willing to to pass on his vast knowledge and experience to his colleagues, young and old, here is a Danish bluesman in a class of his own.
In 2001 Troels Jensen and H.P.Lange released the award-winning album "Take Me Home", that shows that we can expect a lot more from this years award winner in the future.

Blues Musician of the Year 2002...


Blues Musician of the Year 2002


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